Sales Course

One of my members stayed after the meeting one day to ask for my help with a challenge they were having with one of their clients who was resisting closing the sale.

We talked about what the reasons were and it boiled down to was the client was afraid to make a decision. They didn’t want to have to go through any major changes and starting with a new payroll company would definitely make for a great many changes in his routine.

I had my client make a list all the reasons why they should make the decision to start using his payroll company. He listed saving half on their current service; he added payroll deposit to the service and the ability to post the payroll details online. They were all better services than the existing company was able to provide.

Once we talked it out, he was more assured of the conversation he would have with the prospect. When he called me a couple of days later to tell me he closed the the client and was very pleased with himself.

His situation gave me the idea to start a new sales course to help entrepreneurs with their sales skills.  I offered the 6-month course to the members at $150 and I ended up with 15 people taking the first course.

Their feedback was so impactful the next course had 22 sighed up.

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