New Leads Group Consultants

  • Earn $100,000+ first year working full time
  • Who do you know anyone who loves helping people, enjoys introducing people, is organized, motivated and can facilitate meetings
  • 75% work at home
  • 25% facilitate meetings
  • Normal 8 to 5 work week
  • Help entrepreneurs become better connected in the community
  • Your initiative determines mid-to-high income range
  • Three methods to own the licensing agreement
  • Complete training and support





An ideal territory consists of a community of 250,000 population. Depending on the income you require, each group will consist of 30 groups. A typical territory should have 6 groups which is 180 members who pay $500 each year. That will yield you $90,000 income.

Each group requires an average of 20 dials for one member. You will find that each means of finding prospective members will yield a different percentage. I have tracked my results since 1993. When I use the yellow pages, the number is 20 dials to get a guest, 4 guests to get a member

Yellow Pages 80 40 10 4 1
Chamber Directory 40 20 5 2 1
Meet at Chamber Event 20 20 5 2 1
Meet at other Event 20 20 10 5 2
Referred by Member 20 16 12 6 3
As you can imagine, you can spend more of my time meeting with members and getting referrals from them. They have the highest return for the effort. If you spend ten hours each week during the first three months, you will develop a solid base for your territory. That leaves you plenty of time to pursue other things that you really care about. Or discover things that you are passionate about. Either way, it’s a great way to earn a respectable income and leave you with opportunities to live your life on purpose.

Your territory will be the most successful when you live in the territory.



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