Sharyn Abbott is the founder of Elite Leads, a business development organization dedicated to helping people find success in their own passionate work.

Since 1991 Sharyn has helped more than 2,500 people become successful entrepreneurs, with more than 90% of them still in business, which is an amazing success rate considering the opposite is true on a national level. She attributes her client’s success to the educational environment and relationship-building techniques she teaches.

She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she was featured for her innovative concepts on positive communication techniques and has been featured as a keynote speaker in national conferences.

Sharyn AbbottSharyn is also the author of Mixing it Up, her book that is dedicated to leading entrepreneurs to success and Be Your Own Boss Guide for anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business and doesn’t know where to begin. She’s recognized nationally as an entrepreneurial advocate and teaches highly creative courses for those branching out on their own like: “SpeakEasy”, “Street Smart Sales” and Your Right to Write”.

She is a highly sought after motivational speaker and works within the corporate environment as well as the small business environment and associations.

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