Your Right to Write

Your Right To Write is a course designed specifically for the busy entrepreneur who realizes the value in becoming published. With all the demands of the entrepreneur, it is a challenge to make the time to attack being an ambitious writer, let alone continue their business growth.

We will explore the most simple and direct method of writing articles for magazines, newspapers and periodicals as well as that ever-elusive book.
During the six-month course, Your Right to WriteTM you will be challenged to write impromptu, submit an article and create an outline for your first book. The sessions are once each month and are two hours in duration.

The course sessions are as follows:

Sessions 1: Finding the Words
We will explore the methods used by professional writers to create the words in a rapid flow process. You will see how you can avoid writer’s block and how to write about any subject at any time.

Sessions 2: The Structure: An Article or a Book
We will address the concept of structure. What does a typical article or book consist of in length? You will learn what are publisher’s looking for and how to create a format that will work every time.

Sessions 3: Tried and True Methods of Editing
Discover the means of editing your copy that will make it simple for you to create an easy flow and save you incredible time, even if you are the world’s worse speller.

Sessions 4: Submitting to Publishers
There is an unending resource of publishers who are looking for current material. This session you will find out how to get in front of the right publisher or editor.

Sessions 5: Self-Publishing

This is the big step. You will find that it’s easier than you’ve been lead to believe to publish your own material.

Sessions 6: Book Marketing
This where you’ll learn to sell your book in various venues. There is a complete marketing system to help you create a business around your book.




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