Mixing it Up!

Mixing it Up!
The Entrepreneur’s New TestamentTM

Networking is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to build a business.
Yet most entrepreneurs miss out on the opportunity of networking for two reasons. 
They aren’t aware of it or they have a fear of walking into a room full of strangers and mingling with them.
Having grown up as a stutterer in a town so small Sharyn Abbott almost never had to meet anyone new.
She initially dreaded networking so much she avoided it. 
Then I bought a travel agency just before the Gulf War broke out in 1990. Fears of terrorism crippled the industry. Over the next two years, more than 20% of my peers were forced out of business. By becoming an expert networker, Sharyn more than tripled her company’s sales in that time. 
Now I own Elite Leads Business Development, the largest privately owned  and facilitated leads organization in Northern California. She helps businesses thrive through networking. In this book, she shares her secrets for mastering the art of marketing. Here are a just a few:

  • Turn fear of strangers into an enjoyable experience;
  • Build Power Partnerships with people in other industries who share your client base;
  • Grow your business faster by speaking about it;
  • Build your business while minimizing the stress.

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