All training material enables you to learn at your pace, at your comfort level. The training manual describes every possible scenario that could arise and every conversation that you might need to refer to. You will learn how to approach possible members for your leads groups and how to engage them in a conversation that will increase the likeliness of their attending.

The Elite Leads database is on line in a SQL format and the training includes bother written directions on how to input new guest into the database, send a meeting notice to them, extract the list of who is in each group, create invoices for the guests,  and every step it will take you run your territory with expertise.

There is a schedule of what you need to do which day, how to complete each task and how you can create quality leads consistently at every meeting.

You will learn how to teach others to recognize personality traits in the Street Smart SalesTM training, how to speak in the business community to get the Elite Leads members more visibility in the SpeakEasyTM training and how to write and get visibility through the Your Right to WriteTM training programs.

You discover how to inspire you members to create their own workshops so they will be able to go out and create higher visibility and a more professional presence.

When you want to expand, each step is already outlined for you.

And the best part, no matter where you are, you have a mentor available for you whenever you have a need.

The training material is available in written, audio and video formats.

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