Income Example

When I first started my leads groups I was dialing 20 people to talk with 10 to get 5 interested to get two to show up and one to join the groups.

After a couple of years I began to track what the results were based on who I was calling. If I called people I met at a chamber mixer, my results were 1 in 40. If I called people I met at associate meetings such as the associate for corporate trainers, I dialed 10 to get a member.

If a member referred someone they met, I would only have to dial 3 to get a new member. So obviously I started cultivating stronger referrals from my existing members.

These numbers are very conservative and are meant to give you a guide but are not in any way a promise of income. However the training is so in depth, I have seen complete novices work their way to the same numbers as mine within six months.

15 dials/hour
40 hours/month
600 dials/month
/20 1:20 ratio
30 new members/month
$500 per new member
$15,000 month

Another way of looking at it is by the number of groups you have:

$500 new member
20 members per group
$10,000 per group
10 groups
$100,000 income/year

The time commitment is

20 hours running meetings
40 hours dialing
6 attending events
10 hours attending coffee meetings
4 hours meeting preparation & paperwork
80 hours/month

One of the things I did to become more efficient was to hire a telemarketing. I provided the lists for them to call and they would average 1 in 4 dials were interested. I would then follow up on those folks and reduce my dial time by half.


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