Street Smart Sales


Learn the process that is within your comfort zone, not what everyone else tells you to do!

Each step of the sales cycle is connected. You will develop an acute awareness that will lead you to more closes more often by using this technique.

Learn why the masters, like Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins, of sales training, don’t have long-term effects on most sales professionals.

You will be able to analyze each of the four basic personality types and finally grasp what each one needs to hear to be comfortable.

Street Smart SalesTM will help you discover how to use your personality traits and how each personality profile is effected by your approach.

Develop a style that is unique to your personality.

You will be fascinated by how you will be able to recognize personality traits to determine the best presentation for each individual personality types.

Combine this personality trait system with the physiognomy
(the study of facial traits) and you will learn how to make your prospects more comfortable with you very rapidly. This means you will not have to fight to gain their attention.

Create a natural and enjoyable sales style that is unique to how you think.

Develop a tracking system that will keep you focused on your most likely to close prospects.

Learn how to finally control your income with this simple tracking process.


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