Speaking is the number one fear according to the book of lists. Yet speaking in your business community will give you the best results with the least amount of time and more new clients than any other task that you’ll ever do.

In 1992 my mentor took me to a Lion’s Club meeting and told me when I got there that I was the guest speaker. That was not the ideal way to start speaking, but I got up and said something rather than embarrass m mentor. He was right, but what I discovered was that no matter how hard I tried, I could not find a resource that would help me get through the trauma and discomfort that I felt.



SpeakEasyTM includes modules on how to:

  • Create Titles That Sell
  • The Ideal Message Delivery Techniques
  • Create a Professional Speaker’s Image
  • Create a Press Kit for Media
  • Techniques on Back of the Room Sales
  • Get Paid for Speaking

SpeakEasy has been created to help you get over the fear of public speaking, teach you the 6 basic techniques in building your speaking acumen and learning how to use your intellectual knowledge to gain credibility in your business community. This is an amazing 15-hour program available for an immediate download.



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