Coaching for Groups

One of the things that I didn’ t enjoy was doing individual coaching. My personality doesn’t lend toward working with individuals who don’t do what they say they’re going to do, especially when they’re paying for the coaching.

When I came up with the idea of doing Elite Leads it was the perfect answer. I could make recommendations to the group of 15 to 20 entrepreneurs simultaneously and they could either do something about it or not. But I no longer took it personally.

It was the perfect answer. The first group that I lead was for a chamber and I was terrified. I never figured out why they asked me to lead the group, but by the end of the first six months we had 35 people in the group when the other 3 groups were down to only five to ten.  I had to assume it was because of the concepts I incorporated in my group and we always has 35-50 leads that we shared each and every meeting.

I was thrilled when a group asked me to run a group outside of the chamber. There were several “rules” the chamber imposed that none of us appreciated. One was a member had to relinquish their position if someone in they’re industry wanted to take over their position. It didn’t matter that we had forged a good relationship and they were doing a great job, and we knew the incoming person wouldn’t.

So the first independent group I led began in November 1991. There were 35 people who showed up and all joined.

I ran this group for eight months when I realized there were 80 people on a waiting list. So I began to create a second group.

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