It’s in the Numbers

Within a few weeks after starting my second Elite Leads group I sold my travel agency I had several people ask me to convert their groups to what I was doing with Elite Leads.

I couldn’t believe it but with eight groups I was making more money than I ever had with the travel agency. And, I was having a lot more fun.

At first I had the groups meet twice a month and always during business hours, 9, 10:30 and 12. I didn’t want to be responsible for making people exhausted the way the 7 am groups had made me.

It seemed like everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and the results of the leads. No one was allowed to attend unless they were invited by a member, so it created a cohesiveness that was never present in any of the other groups I had attended.

I began to develop good skills in keeping the meetings running smoothly without feeling rushed. I was able to involve guests who were nervous and keep members who were more gregarious from taking control.  It surprised me every time I managed to do so gracefully. I truly began to enjoy the method of facilitation.

Yet the real pleasure came from watching the group develop personal as well as business relationships. Several of them scheduled lunches rather than coffee meetings and played golf together.  I was invited to birthday parties, weddings and even to holidays at the members homes.

I had finally built a community that was both rewarding in business but also personally.

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