Encouraging Participation

There are many times when people are intimidated by being around a group of people they’ve never met. It odd, but I had felt the same way when I first started attending the networking groups the chambers held. I felt so out of place. I was apprehensive about attending and I even though I knew I had to attend to be introduced to new people who might become clients.

It was great experience to have the reference later on. It came in handy many times.

One time there was an IT specialist who attended Elite Leads who was so nervous about being at the meeting he spent the entire time facing 45 degrees away from the table. He answered the questions, barely participating.

About a few weeks after he joined the group he finally agreed to do a presentation for us so we would  get to know more about his business.  His presentation was very dry, to the point and lacked any evidence of his true personality. Then six months later it was his turn once again and he started out by telling a joke.

At first everyone just looked at him, there was no reaction. Then it dawned on us that he actually told a joke. It was amazing to see the difference in in him in a few short months.

It is important to nurture people when they are uncomfortable. The results are worth spending the extra effort.

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