Taming the Wild

Quite the opposite of those who are timid around strangers, there are those who feel as though they have to be in the limelight and make a scene.

One of the members was always late. They would come in, make a big entrance disturbing everyone, not caring if someone was in the middle of talking. It was so rude, but she never thought of it as being rude.

One day after the meeting I asked her if she would stay and talk with me a few minutes. She agreed, but I’m sure ¬†she wasn’t very happy with the conversation.

I started out by telling her the general consensus was when someone was always late, it showed they weren’t either confident in what they did or didn’t like what they did. I asked her if she could find any truth in that.

She hesitated for a bit, then she laughed and said she was thinking about changing her business. When I asked her why she was always late she said she always had a hard time being on time with everything and everyone.

I asked her if she would make a special effort to show up on time. She agreed to try. The next meeting she showed up exactly two minutes late, but didn’t make a fuss. It was a great improvement.

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