Making Friends

When I first attended a leads group in 1991, it was out of necessity. I had five employees and the bottom dropped out of the travel industry overnight with the advent of the Gulf War.

I never imagined the people I met at the Copper Skillet in Walnut Creek would remain my friends for many years to come. One of the most influential individuals I met at the first meeting I attended was Ed Thorpe. He became my mentor for 14 years until he passed away. He had more influence over me than my father ever had and become more near and dear to me than I imagined possible.

Another person I met, Madge Takemouri is still with me in Elite Leads. We’ve been together in various groups for nearly 20 years. The friendship we share is based on the continued support we offered each other over the many years.

One of my members, Veronica Young gave me a business card the other day, of Denise Smith. I haven’t seen her in about five years, but she was one of my first Elite Leads members in 1991. I know I’ll call her the next few days to catch up.

Another is Mary Hardeman. I was coming back from one of my Campbell meetings a couple of months ago and called one of my members, Warren Boschin who has been with me since 1996. I asked if he had seen Mary lately but he said he hadn’t. That Friday while I was having lunch with a new member, I looked up and there was Mary was standing in the doorway. It was truly wonderful to see her and check in with her.

The business networking environment is a perfect place to cultivate relationships with people you will enjoy for years to come.

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