I made a decision many years ago I preferred to work with groups of entrepreneurs rather than individuals.

It is part of my personality make up that makes it too challenging for me to work with individuals when they don’t follow through with the actions they commit to accomplish. So when I have a group of people and I make recommendations typically have of the group will follow through with the action steps.

So I don’t take it personally when I find out who didn’t take action.

When I look at all the people I’ve worked with over the years, I have been amazed at the success of so many of the members of Elite Leads. I’ve had entrepreneurs increase their business from 50 to 1200% over a two years time period.

Of course anyone can realize the same level of success if they follow the procedures I have established, but knowing only 50% actually will is much easier to deal with when I’m working with 200 business owners every month.

Coaching takes a specific personality who can keep a bit of a distance and not get personally involved. I’ve never been able to establish that level of distance. So coaching is not as comfortable for me as running a lead group.

I still mentor about three people every month, but I truly enjoy the group environment.

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