I run the Elite Leads meetings by a business Agenda.

I give all the guests a list of the items we cover during the meeting. It somehow comforts the attendees to know what to expect and having an agenda keeps the meeting on a positive track where specific items are accomplished.

I always start out by letting the attendees know what events are going to be taking place throughout the month, especially taking note of the trade shows that are available.

When I go to trade shows I can typically meet 40 business owners or sales consultants and at stand up mixers I will meet about 15. I will meet about 100 at the larger trade shows which are all day and dedicated to a specific industry.

I encourage everyone to create an eight second introduction, a feature, benefit, their name, business name and what type of lead they are looking for. One of my favorite introductions was by Deborah Vaughn who said “If you sit at it or on it, I rent it. I’m Deborah from Sam Clar Office Furniture.” It was a memorable introduction and fun.

Everyone passes their business cards around while we’re doing the introductions and I will pass around a sheet they can take notes on so they won’t forget what everyone has said.

One of the members will do a five minute presentation about their businesses and others will ask questions.

Then everyone requests at least two Power Partners they can be introduced to and then we exchange leads.

It is a fast paced meeting and always very productive. We exchange between 35 and 75 leads at every meeting.

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