Running a Meeting

One of the greatest arts is I’ve learned over the past 19 years is how to run a meeting with entrepreneurs. Many times I have said “organizing entrepreneurs is like trying to control a room full of three year olds.”

It’s an amazing environment to be a part of, I have loved guiding entrepreneurs and helping them discover more about their success. It has been a pleasure learning how to guide a meeting where everyone is enthusiastic and engaged in their business.

There have been times when people want to be the center of attention and other people who didn’t want to participate at all. It’s important to know how to draw those people out so they feel like they are a part of the meeting, while at the same time keeping the overly enthusiastic individuals in control without squelching their spirit.

It took me years before I learned to develop a sense of humor and not feel like every meeting had to be run exactly as the previous meeit.

It t is more important to make sure the attendees enjoy the meeting while knowing the received greater value than they expected, than to be in control of the meeting.

It is a fine balance to keep and one that I have completely enjoyed.

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