Finding Clients

I have known a couple of hundred coaches in the 18 years I have been doing Elite Leads. Most coaches are enthused about helping their clients do better in their lives whether it’s about being a life coach or a business coach.

The challenge most coaches face is finding clients. Where do they market themselves?  How do they get themselves known in the community?

What I found is most coaches do not enjoy marketing themselves. I’ve always recommended business owners, especially coaches, speak in the business community to gain more visibility. It is the easiest method of marketing as an entrepreneur.

I have taught business owners how to use their community by speaking at service organizations. I recommend starting with the Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis and Soroptomists. They are looking for a speaker at each of their meetings which in the Bay Area there are meetings morning noon and night seven days a week.

It takes no less than 50 presentations before most speakers are comfortable speaking without using notes and they are comfortable engaging their audience.

Imagine having a captive audience coming to you, as the expert. The chances of engaging a new client as a coach when people come to you is much greater than when you are calling them on the phone.

Elite Leads offers a much easier system to develop the client base you are looking to develop.

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