One of the best methods of taking entrepreneurs to a new level of success of continuing education in the form of on going training.

One method is adding workshops. I started asking members of Elite Leads to produce a workshop based on their business knowledge. I had Time Management, Organization, Public Relations, Internet, Social Media, Feng Shui, Banking, Business Development concepts and specialists and many more.

Then I added the Street Smart Sales Training based on Personality Recognition and Physiognomy (Face Reading) concepts. I wanted to introduce a way to help entrepreneurs in Elite Leads have an easier way get more business without taking away from their family life.

The next training I added a year later was for speaking. I designed SpeakEasy to teach the business of speaking after attending Toastmasters and National Speaker’s Association groups as well as several others. I wanted something that would help the Elite Leads members create an advantage over their competition.

The third training course I designed was Your Right to Write to help Elite Leads members get published in newspapers, magazines, trade journals and on line publications like ezines. I has been extremely helpful to give those who are less likely to seek the limelight through speaking and joining multiple leads groups.

With all three programs in place it was much easier for Elite Leads members to gain more clients and exposure without having to work 12 hour days.

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