Power Partners

It was about 1993 when I added Power Partners to the business development aspect of Elite Leads.

I wanted to give members an incentive to introduce each other to others they knew because they could all add more client introductions and increase their businesses through third party referrals.

I was received extremely well.

I had Bankers who wouldn’t give personal introductions because of client confidentiality protection, but they would bring both their clients and the other member of Elite Leads together for coffee for a personal introduction. They didn’t have to divulge any information but they could help the other members meet potential clients.

I worked so well I asked the members to set up no less than Power Partner four coffee meetings every week until they had more than enough business. It worked so well that those who met five or six would report back they increased their businesses by more than 200% within six months.

Everyone had at least one new Power Partner every week who would refer them a new prospect within a month. By the end of three months or so they would have at least ten new referrals every month. What a great way to start every month!

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