I was asked to host a pre-sales program for a Tom Hopkins team member and when he came through San Francisco for his three day sales training program I had a sudden thought “there was as much local talent in the room that could offer such educational programs and promote more business locally.”

That is when I decided to offer a platform for local entrepreneurs to design and deliver a workshop to educate entrepreneurs and gain more visibility for themselves.

It worked more impressively than I had anticipated. More guests began to join Elite Leads by ratio than ever before and the attendance of the workshops we as much as 50% of the membership.

The members of Elite Leads who delivered the workshops averaged three to four leads for additional workshops and no less than two to three new clients. It was an impressive return for the time spent. And it turned out the numbers remained the same for each of their future speaking engagements.

It was a perfect addition to the format of Elite Leads and a great method of adding an additional benefit to the membership. After a short time, I had workshops scheduled more than six to nine months ahead of the the time.

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