I had been in sales for about twenty years when I had met Tom Hopkins. I realized within a few weeks the value of continued education for entrepreneurs. Very shortly after meeting him I attended a Brian Tracy event.

What each  of them had to say was nothing unusual, but they had created phenomenal careers out of training sales people.

I knew I had an opportunity to help the Elite Leads members by offering them the ability to improve their sales results through monthly training programs designed to help them improve their ratios. This was not to be an every day sales course but one that would involve Personality Recognition.

One of my first attendees is a Payroll company who increased his sales by 1200% in less than 2 years. Another member, a Real Estate Investor who increased his business by 500% in two years.

The concept is to use personality recognition techniques to recognize communications styles and how to best communicate with someone from the very first moment you speak with them.

Using these techniques, the average sales person can go from Approach to Close in 50% less time than their normal sales cycle.

Imagine how this helps entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge!

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