Face Reading

About three years after I added the Sales Training I discovered Face Reading or Physiognomy. It’s a science and was created by¬†Aristotle¬†in the 14th century. But it wasn’t until the 1930’s when Judge Ed Jones started using Physiognomy to predict the innocence or guilt of those presented to him in his court and had an 90% accuracy rate based on the jury’s findings that the science became well respected in Western civilization.

I decided it was a great addition to add Physiognomy to the Personality Recognition and educate the members of Elite Leads on how they could begin to look at someone for the first time and know exactly how to communicate with a new prospect.

Imagine how this would help entrepreneurs and sales people increase their sales and reduce their sales ratios.

One look at a face and you know if you should talk fast or slow; tell stories or not; get to the bottom line or explain a concept in detail or expect someone to finish a project in a timely manner or engage someone else to complete the project.

This was a perfect way to help the Elite Leads members. This was one of the greatest additions to the Elite Leads training materials programs.

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