I was fortunate in having an amazing mentor, Ed Thorpe who took me to a Lion’s Club in August 1992 and just before we finished eating lunch he leaned over and said “Oh, by the way, you’re their speaker today!”

I could have crawled under the table I was so afraid, but somehow I managed to get up and say enough to fill twenty minutes, but truly never knew what I had said.

It was the beginning of a new marketing resource and Ed knew it. About ¬†year later I saw an article quoting an IRS finding stating “those who speak in their business community earn 60% more than those who don’t.”

I decided all of the Elite Leads members should learn to speak in their business community and reap the rewards. It would help set them apart from their competition.

I created a course designed specifically on how to approach various organizations, develop a program that was both educational and entertaining. Speaking to groups requires a manner in which they become engaging but not a sales presentation.

Speaking is the number one method of gaining new clients and an integral component of an entrepreneurs success.

The program is designed as such others will be capable of teaching the course to others.

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