I found entrepreneurs who write for local magazines, newspapers, trade journals and plan out the articles to become the chapters of their book, they become more successful faster than those who don’t.

I started teaching writing skills classes in 2001, just a year after my first book was published. I was approached by a couple of the members who wanted to start writing articles and the next thing I knew, I had more than ten people taking the course.

The idea of teaching writing skills never occurred to when I first started teaching the sales course. But it was a natural evolution. It completed the compliment of courses I had begun five years before.

But it fulfilled an element I hadn’t addressed: some people were too shy to speak in front of groups or improve their sales skills since they still wouldn’t admit to being in sales even though they had their own business.

Writing is nearly anonymous. It was the perfect addition. It appealed to 50% of those who had taken the previous classes and drew in another 50% who had never considered taking a class before.

Teaching entrepreneurs how to write and get published was a trend setter. I loved being able to offer them the opportunity to stand out among their competition.

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