There is an art to running a meeting. Especially a leads group. It is important to make it seem seamless. People have to feel comfortable, involved and know it is a productive part of their business development.

I have been to too many leads groups where there is no point. People get together, talk about their businesses for 60 seconds, listen to a presentation by one of the members, exchange leads and go about their day. The problem is there aren’t any results. I would go to as many as 7 to 10 meetings every single week, go back to the office with a hand full of leads every single group.

Then when I call the leads I would get a response such as “I don’t know why they would have given you my name, I don’t need your services”, “I don’t know the person is who referred you” or worse yet, “I told them I didn’t need your services.”

It was a major challenge to get good quality leads.

I decided the meetings should have an educational component and began introducing the eight second introduction as the first educational component. It consisted of their a feature, benefit, their name and business. If it could be done in eight seconds, others would remember it longer, since that is the average adult attention span.

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