I have seen many organizations come and go over the twenty past years I have been involved with leads groups.

Some organizations start because people want to do it cheaper than belonging to someone else’s organization. Those groups rarely last. What they never take into consideration is the amount of time and energy it takes to keep a group going and alive with energy.

Too often they have their own business and they have to spend their time focused on running their own business. Then when it comes the group and keeping new people coming in, it doesn’t happen after awhile. So the group dies and those who had been counting on the group are left without the resources they had been counting on.

There are national groups that will come into a community, send out a thousand letters to small businesses and end up with sixty people joining the very first meeting.

So what happens to other groups? They go through cycles because the majority of them are run by people who have a job or their own businesses.

Other groups are through chamber organizations who rotate the leaders of the groups and keep them in the role for about six months. That will work well enough, so if you’re going to join a group, that would be one group you’ll have consistent attendance.

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