When I first started Elite Leads I simply chose to run the meetings much the same as the chamber groups I had run before. Everyone would introduce them selves and talk briefly about their business, one of the members did an in depth presentation about their business, we talked about events that were coming up in the community and we exchanged leads.

Then I slowly made adjustments to the meeting. I heard the average adult had an eight second attention span. I had everyone  develop an introduction that included a feature, benefit, their name and their business and the challenge was to do it all in eight seconds.

After one of the members delivered a presentation about their business, I added a new element where everyone would ask for at least three individual industry introductions. The purpose was to make sure they had no less than three to four new people to meet who could refer them business. I wanted them to be able to create a system where they would be able to have no less than 50% of their business referred to them.

When we exchanged leads it was always a minimum of fifty and as many as a thousand leads each and every meeting. It was amazing to watch to see how everyone would work to help each other. The members would go out of their way to make sure they watched out for each other.

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