One of the greatest advantages of operating a leads organization is providing the platform for entrepreneurs to develop great relationships. One of the best memories I have as the facilitator of leads groups for twenty years is the stories I have from all those who I was instrumental in introducing.

One time in the late 90’s just before a meeting was to start, one of my founding members and mentor, Ed Thorpe, greeted Jim Fagan and asked if he was still on for their golf game on Friday. Two of the other members joined in and invited themselves to be included. Of course they were welcomed.

We’ve all heard about more business being conducted on the golf course than any other place of business. But what I found endearing is the members of Elite Leads Business Development became more of friends than just business associates.

I had to take the time to appreciate what I had put together. I was a great pleasure to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to not only develop new business contacts but to also create an environment where they were able to combine their social lives with business.

At one of my birthday parties, there were more than 24 people for a brunch in Berkeley. More than half of the people who were there were from my Elite Leads groups.

I’ve said it many times over the past twenty years, I won’t do business with people unless I enjoy them enough to have them in my life socially.

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