Success Story

One of my favorite success stories does not focus on the amount of new business that was generated by a member, but on the transition I witnessed from this member.

Ron repaired computers. He is a left brain analytical and did not enjoy having conversations with the other members. He wanted to get referrals, but not engage with them beyond their computer needs.

The first meeting he attended he sat sideways at the end of the table facing out towards the windows and gazing outside the majority of the meeting. Everyone started out the meetings introducing themselves. I had created an 8 second introduction model: their name, their business and what kind of leads they were looking for.

Ron mumbled and talked too fast for anyone to actually understand what he was asking for and thankfully one of the members asked him to repeat himself and to say it a bit slower.

I was surprised when Ron joined at the end of the first meeting since it usually takes an analytical a bit longer to make a decision. He had been invited by one of the members in the same group though and I’m sure that made a big difference for him.

I would typically have a new member stand up and present 10 minutes about their business the third meeting they attended. Ron got up and talked for less than 5 minutes “you’ve got a computer problem, call me and I’ll fix it.” was the jest of his presentation. He had no success stories, explanations of the type of problems he had fixed in the past or connection with anyone else who was there. He might as well have been talking to the wall.

Six months later he had slowly evolved into letting people see a bit more of his personality and when it was his turn to do another presentation he started out with a joke. Everyone just stared at him trying to assemble what he had said. Then all of a sudden everyone realized he had told a joke and laughed in earnest.

Once the meeting was over he stayed for more than ten minutes talking to everyone about their computers, their businesses and basic details about themselves. It was the first time he wasn’t the first person out the door.

It was wonderful watching him make such an amazing transformation.

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