I loved to work with brand new entrepreneurs. They had no bad habits to break and were wide open to suggestions. It made it so much easier for me help them and make a big difference in their success. I would speak at outplacement services to encourage those who had been recently laid off to find a business they could buy or think of a business they would like to start.

One of the many who took me up on my offer to have them attend Elite Leads free for 90 days was Warren. He had worked at Sears for 25 years when he got laid off. He was delving into the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) arena when I first met him and wasn’t doing very well with it. After a couple of months Warren told me a long time friend of his offered to bring him into the payroll business he had had for about 12 years. Warren would do the sales and marketing and Randy would do the technical work. I’m not a fan of partnerships, but as long as they wrote down how they both saw their partnership working and what they were both responsible for, it was possible for it to work. I asked they schedule an annual meeting to check in and renew their agreement to work together as well. It took about 6 months for Warren to increase their business by 1200% using the techniques I taught him.

He was having the time of his life. He decided he would start speaking in the business community after I encouraged him during the first year. Then six years after working with Randy, the partnership fell apart and as all breakups, it became very difficult. It took an extraordinary amount of time away from the business and what Warren enjoyed doing and forced him to spend time preparing for court and actually in court.

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