Once you have two groups set up, you’ll want to start looking for another community to expand your groups.

I generally keep my expansion groups within a half an hour distance from each other. Most of the time, if someone isn’t able to make the meeting on the first day you have, a half hour isn’t that far for them to travel to get to a meeting.

I tried different times and different days to see what works for the majority of the people.  I never offered meetings before 9 am or after 4 pm however. I didn’t want to be responsible for interfering with their family times. Besides, there are quite a few groups who schedule their meetings at 7 am, so they won’t miss out if that is what they prefer.

The day of the week can be just as crucial. I never did meetings on a Monday or Friday. On Monday it is too hard to remind them of the meetings and on Fridays, too many people are leaving town early or the three day weekends interfere with their attendance.

So Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday with either a 9 am, 11 am or 1 pm were the choices I offered. They were always more than enough too.


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