The Call

When I first started attended the first meeting of Elite Leads, I invited eight people to invite three or four of the people they had met in the chamber or other organizations.  The first meeting there were 32 people and all decided to join and be a part of the new organization.

Once I held the meeting, the group asked me to lead the group. I didn’t mind and in fact enjoyed being able to be a part of the group helping others do better in their businesses.

It was about 10 months later when there were 82 people on a waiting list, wanting to join the group. So, I started a second group, and within a few weeks I had six other groups call and ask me to convert their groups to my Elite Leads format.

Simultaneously, I sold my travel agency and had eight leads groups to run. They were just enough to pay the bills.  I kept it at that rate for another year when someone asked me for a business card for the group.

It was that one question that made me realize Elite Leads really was a business. I printed up the cards and began to treat the groups as a business.


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