One of my friends challenged me one day and said that Elite Leads would never be a business. That was all I needed to inspire me to prove them wrong!

I began to set up systems. How many people did I need to dial to get someone to attend a meeting and how many people needed to attend before I had someone join the groups.

As it turned out, if I dialed 20 people, I was able to talk with 10 people live.  From those 10 people I had 5 who said they were interested in attending and 2 who showed up with one joining the group.

So my ratio was one in 20. I thought it was pretty good. I was pleased with the results and muttered on for another couple of years being perfectly happy with what I was doing.

I figured out, for everyone who joined I was making $200 and only had to have 20 people join each month to meet my living expenses. Originally I started charging $35 for six months, so to increase the fees to $200 for the year was quite a jump.

There were a few who objected to the increase, but almost everyone agreed that there was more than enough value in the meetings to warrant the fee structure.

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