Holiday Protocol

One of the main reasons I planned the groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays was because the meetings got cancelled less for holidays than any other times. After ten years I cut the meetings back to once a month instead of twice a month and only held them the first three weeks of the month.

That way I didn’t have to cancel for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It made it  a lot easier.

At first the members balked at the reduction in the meetings but to compensate I opened up the visitation so each member could attend each and every group twice a years.

It worked out great! Especially when the guests came to the meetings, they loved hearing that the members were visiting in San Francisco from as far away as Walnut Creek.  The visitors always took it as a sign of how great the groups were for the members to inspires that extent of loyalty.

I only allowed guests to attend once before they had to make a decision however.  When I took in consideration their personality traits, Drivers made up their minds to join while they were at the meetings; Amiables could be swayed into joining at the end of  meeting; Expressives wanted to be assured they would have enough of an opportunity to influence others and Analyticals would always want to have extra time to make up their minds. So I gave them until the next meeting.


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