Writers Training

About 18 months after I started the speaker’s training course I was asked by a member to help her write a press release. We spent about an hour going over the details. The session turned into an entire outline for her to write a book about design for the company she worked for.

She had been about the third or fourth member who had asked for help writing material. I believe it was because of the newsletters and how much they enjoyed the articles and the education material.

I had about 20  signed up for the first class. I focused on writing styles being similar to the way they talk; techniques to edit; the difference between writing an article and a chapter in a book as well as writing articles planned out to become a book; and how to get published.

It was a great success and many of my members got articles published in the San Francisco Business Times; Trade Journals and even the local daily newspapers. It was fun to watch their progress.

I eventually turned the writing course into a full training program I offer to those who want to write a book and speak in their communities.


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