Networking Events

I made it a point to get to one networking event every Thursday. I tried to make sure I tried a new one I have never been to every month. I kept track of the productivity of each an every group I went to. If after six months if there wasn’t a better return than one in 20 follow calls to get a new member.

My favorites were the new groups where I got to find out what the group was about and what the members were expecting from the groups. I suppose I also enjoyed the groups just as much when I went back and began to build relationships. It was great to create long term relationships and be able to refer them to others I knew.

At every event I went to I would try to spend less than five minutes with each person and make suggestions as to who they might want to meet or possibly where they might find more business.

I always followed up with them within a week to help make sure they remembered me. I would make sure I had at least one person to refer to them as a Power Partner and sometimes I would know of a business that needed their help.


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